Learn by doing

We don’t believe in getting a brief to design something, going away and coming back months later with a finished product.

In fact, we don’t believe in briefs at all.

The only way you will evolve is by enabling your teams to put design thinking into the heart of your workflows and processes so that you find the right problems to solve.

That’s why we are the only design consultancy specialising in UX Coaching.

We work with Product Managers & Owners, Delivery Managers, Design and Development Managers and Directors to develop skills and capabilities to deliver successful, measurable projects.

Who we are

Founded in 2016 by Andy Parker, a veteran designer for the web, We Are AFK was born from the belief that the traditional design agency is dead.

The value of designers of the modern era comes from supporting the development of people to create meaningful businesses and not just making products.

Made from a collective of experienced digital practitioners, we create teams who can be embedded in your company to support development and be involved in difficult conversations.

Wherever we’ve been we have supported business owners with digital transformation and team leaders to define strategy and develop meaningful services and products.